Research Proposal Guidelines and Contract

Directions: Scholars must complete and submit a research proposal to the McNair Scholars Director, at 180 S. College Avenue or via email at by Friday, April 19, 2013. You must develop your proposal with your researchfaculty mentor and they must sign this proposal contract, indicating their approval. Please attach a signed copy of this contract to your submitted research proposal. The maximum length of your proposal is three double spaced pages (budget, tables, and timeline can be single spaced).
Project and Contact Information
Proposal Outline

I. Title page (include research title, date, scholar name, faculty mentor name, department)
II. Introduction (Project Summary)
III. Research Question(s)IV. Methodology
V. Projected Research Supply Needs and Costs (Budget)
VI. Expected results
VII. List of References (Use current MLA or APA citation)
VIII. Projected 10 Week Work Plan / Project Timeline
IX. Any additional expectations of Faculty Mentor (Publication, Off-campus Presentations, etc.)


Proposal Agreement